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Welcome Back!

Once again, we had to wait for the lockdown to lift to be able to rehearse and record another Garage Theatre Canada short play. Our 10th show, Off The Edge, is our first to be filmed outside of the garage, only because we had the perfect natural setting out behind the garage. Our 10th show is added to the Garage Theatre Canada product page and we hope you will take the time to watch it as well as any others you have missed!

You will notice another show, Faded Shorts on the product page. This is a collection of 4 already filmed shows (Okay Charlie, Cruzar, Relativity & Me and Stolperstein) that are part of the original 7 shows that made up the production of Faded Shorts. This 4-show collection was created to be made available for Virtual Fringe Shows this coming Summer. There are only four because the ideal length for the Fringes is 45-60 minutes. 

Faded Shorts is already scheduled to be virtually available at the:

Minnesota Fringe FestivalAugust 5-15

Winnipeg Fringe Festival: July 12-17

Milwaukee Fringe FestivalMonth of August

We're waiting to hear from a few others.

Thank you so much for being a part of Garage Theatre Canada during the COVID-19 theatre shut down. We are grateful for your support! Don't forget to rate the videos after watching and also feel free to respond by email any comments that you have! Stay well!

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